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Finding Relaxation, Inspiration and Healing

  • Does your Teenager/Young Adult suffer from anxiety or depression?

  • Do you as a parent devote enough time to yourself?

  • Do you notice stress levels rise quickly or find yourself overwhelmed by too much to juggle? 

Whether stressed as a parent and needing some 'me' downtime or watching your Teenager/Young Adult struggle, these meditation classes offer many proven benefits for both your mental and physical health. Research reveals that this calming practice can change the actual structure of your brain, meaning you and/or your teen will report lower levels of anxiety, stress, depression, recurrent sickness and chronic pain.


Popular via zoom all over the world, and loved by teenagers and parents alike, Sue has been teaching meditation classes for the past nine years.  These are guided sessions and so perfect for beginners who wish to learn simple exercises for the following:

  • Managing Anxiety

  • Dealing with Depression

  • Learning to be present

  • School phobia or overwhelm

  • Discovering relaxation

  • Exam stress

  • Feeling empowered

  • Managing bodily stress

  • Working through relationship issues

  • Managing the school or work environment

  • Unwinding after a stressful day

  • Relaxation before sleep

There are two separate guided meditation classes offered online:

  1.  Teenagers/Young Adults

  2.  Parents


From the comfort of your own home; lie in bed, relax on the sofa, or sit in the garden as you listen to these beautiful guided meditations! 

Sessions are 40 minutes a week in a 6-week block via zoom. 

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