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Adult Therapy

As Buddha once said, "All of life is suffering!"

That's not a nice concept to face, but it does empower us that we are not alone!

YOU are not alone!

If you struggle with relationship conflict, addiction, overwhelm, withdrawal, anger, emotional pain, or the classic modern-day burnout, you have come to the right place!


Trauma Therapy is a wonderful opportunity to compassionately and gently begin to unravel circumstances, situations and events in your life that caused you to adapt to survival behaviour to keep you safe.

Stress causes us to enter the fight, flight or freeze response and therefore the need for safety. Trauma is the internal response that takes place as a result of that frightening event. It causes a shift in behaviour and causes unconscious adaptations to survive.


Those very behaviours we adopt to survive tragedy, pain, fear and grief often become obstacles to healthy relationships. They are adaptations that interfere with communication, getting our needs met and collaborating with others.

With years of experience working with adults - including extreme behaviour in prison - I have witnessed the power of Trauma Therapy in transforming lives. With compassionate inquiry, it recognises how remarkable an individual is to survive. In addition, it builds new stories and delivers multi-dimensional healing strategies to create change in all areas of life.