Note: All names have been changed and permission has been given to use the following testimonies. 
(Note: All images are fictional only).

Sophie and Natalie

"Sophie refused to do what I said and we would battle over the simplest of things. Everything was a fight. I was hating life because of the arguments in the house and I felt I had lost my daughter. Sue taught me how to love her even when she was angry with me and this helped her feel in control. As a consequence of changing my behaviour, she co-operated in a new way and I have learnt to enjoy her, rather than resent her. 


Thanks to Sue we have a wonderful new relationship and certainly both respect each other more!" 


Skype Sessions with Natalie (Mum) UK



"My Mum sent me to see Sue because both my parents had some sessions with her and thought she could help me with not going to school. I hated my life and spent lots of time in my bedroom. 

Sue helped me find out what I want to do in the future and helped me write a plan that could help me get there. We wrote a three-year plan and it meant I knew what I needed to do each day to be able to know where I was going. I went back to school and although I don't go every day, I feel a sense of purpose again." 


One-on-one Sessions with Jamie & Parents (NZ)



"I am 16 years old. My Mom booked me a session with Sue but I wasn't that keen. The deal was I would get let off chores for the week so I agreed!

In our first session, she reassured me and taught me about communicating in a healthy way. It was lovely to be listened to and have someone who could see who I was. I felt excited and went away from the first session feeling I had direction. The most helpful part was realising there are ways to talk to my Mom and Dad without getting angry and that has made a difference.  

I felt Sue really cared and understood me and she helped me with my feelings, friends and most important for me was learning to understand that I am loveable and also now I feel excited about the future."

One-on-one Sessions with Mia (NZ)



"Our son aged 19 was still living at home but angry, smoking, had no job and was making my life hell for me and my partner. I wanted him to leave home but he had no money. He stayed in bed all day and whenever we talked we would just argue. 

Sue taught me about the shame he carried and why his self-esteem would be low and gave me a strategy to deal with empowering him through learning to love him again. It was hard but Sue encouraged me each week through small tasks that she would give me. After 6 weeks our lives had completely changed. Now we talk and don't argue and I've learnt that he needs loving - not an angry mum. Initially I though Skype might be hard but think it was easier than meeting face to face - especially at first."

Zoom Sessions with Mum (Florida)



I am the parent of Jon and I saw Sue on Zoom calls (sometimes with Jon's dad). OMG Sue LOVES teenagers and is clearly really good at what she does. Sue taught us communication, boundary setting, resilience and healthy parenting in 4 sessions and it has changed our lives. I can see how I was trying to be Jon's friend, not parent and Sue has given me permission to be a parent and believe in what I am doing! 

I am SO SO grateful to you Sue. Thank you!"


Jon and his Mum on Zoom calls (UK) 



"Quite a few of my friends in year 10 had seen Sue and so my mum suggested I see her because I wanted to leave and go to a new school. Because her daughter is a friend of mine I had met her before and so I went to chat with her. I loved how she taught me to really love myself and showed me that I am not alone in my struggle. I was really hating myself and felt so alone but now I feel I have learnt healthy ways to ask for things and to be more honest in what I say and how I say it. I wish school would teach us what Sue does."

Ella One-on-one Sessions (NZ)


Beverley, Haden and Jack

"I had sessions with Sue on Zoom calls as I had lost all confidence to parent my three children and I was suffering depression (although I couldn't see it at the time). 

Sue was SO real and honest and wow did she see what was going on! Her experience is amazing and the best part for me was she could bring clarity and then put into place a plan that I could work with which was clear. I didn't know what proper communication was and admit I didn't even know how to parent. Sue showed me how to be an authority and gave me skills to feel in control when I make decisions. I would recommend Sue to anyone! She was amazing!"

Zoom video Sessions (UK)



"My daughter was being bullied at school by a friendship set that alienated her, and the school did little to support me. Sue met with the head and me together and put into context my role, the class teacher's role and the school's role in order for her to feel safe. I learnt a lot about psychological bullying through Sue and now feel equipped to recognise it as well as know what to do. AMAZING sessions with Sue. I was lucky to have her recommended to me."

One-on-one sessions (NZ) 



"My daughter Melissa suffers from ADHD and we had no idea how to handle her behaviour until Sue worked with us and her together. Sue connected instantly with Melissa and almost 'read' her in a way that we couldn't. Through six sessions with Sue, we changed the way we handled her and as a result, she is more secure and stable and is much calmer and happier at home and school. Highly recommend Sue to anyone with issues around Teens!

Two happy parents"

One-on-one Sessions (NZ)