Hi! My name is Sue!

I have always loved Teenagers!

Having lived with them in schools for over fifteen years, as a boarding housemistress and teacher, as well as coached, taught and raised them, I have always admired their courage, energy and passion. Yet I have also been aware of the negative feedback they receive which does little to support their doubt, fear and declining Mental Health.

I believe with the appropriate understanding, support and compassion - we as adults, educators and carers - can steer our Teens through their struggle with self, fear and overwhelm and empower them to become healthy, resilient, connected and compassionate young adults.


A visionary – my passion and energy is evident in a diverse work/life background, where I experienced first hand what successful 'survival' and resilience looks like. My teaching career has included raising hundreds of teenagers in boarding schools, heading art departments and holding director of rowing positions in England, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, I have led on outward bound education courses, and worked in pastoral care before teaching restorative justice in some of the UK’s maximum-security prisons. My time working with the incarcerated was instrumental in understanding the crippling effects of shame, self-hatred and fear, as well as the desperate behaviour patterns human beings adopt to numb pain, avoid fear and cope with the struggles we all come to face.

Critical to my work has been my challenging, yet humbling experience of walking the talk and surviving adversity of the extreme. Published in ‘TAKEN’ my story tells of tragedy, grief and loss. In itself, it was a life training in understanding the complexities of the human nature, as well as being testimony to the resources an individual needs to overcome the greatest of suffering: evidence in itself that resilience is the critical key to survival.


In 2013, I established Teenage Toolbox to empower teens in resilience and educate on healthy parenting.

'A master in influence and leadership, Sue's energy is infectious and she has clearly gained a reputation for impacting Mental Health and transforming lives - she is a powerful force for change!' Sharon Walden (NZ)


'I believe teenagers are the most adaptive, creative and valuable asset that the world has. Yet they are also the most misunderstood, underrated and undervalued sector in society. Honour who they are, understand their needs, mentor them with wisdom: Do this within a framework of solid boundaries, and they will rapidly rise to become the most innovative and inspiring force that will change the world.'

Sue O'Callaghan.

TEENAGE TOOLBOX - Survival - Resilience - Fulfilment

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