Hi! My name is Sue!

I have always loved Teenagers!

But then - to be honest - I'm not like most people! 

Firstly, I'm extraordinarily tenacious. I get Teens - I get their tenacity, their rebellion, their love to challenge, their questioning, their arguing, their resisting and protesting - and I get their ability to keep on keeping on (I don't think my parents had it easy!) 

Secondly, I hate the status quo. I have never been good at the mundane, the boring, the plain or the expected. I believe life was for expanding, for innovating, for creating and I believe in pushing all doors open until I find that more. I, therefore, get why Teens go on and on and on. I also get what they need to make life easier for their parents!



Thirdly, I'm a strategist. Give me a problem and I'll quickly show you a solution. Not only a solution but the method to get there, broken down, small bite-size chunks at a time. I do it so that EVERYTHING becomes manageable and do-able. With Teens it's easy - you just have to know-how!

My career has been exciting - expanding - sometimes wild - and often dangerous.  It is a reflection maybe/also of who I really am!


I lived in boarding schools for 15 years raising Teenagers and taught for a lot longer. I taught in prisons with mainly murderers, I travelled extensively, married and divorced quickly (that's for another time but I did write a book about it called TAKEN). I took students on the Duke of Ed Gold tramps up mountains, climbed the highest mountain in SE Asia, camped in cyclones, drowned in a river (literally!), got washed up on a desert island in the South China Sea, raced in eights, quads, fours, and sculls and held director of rowing positions in schools.

I established Teenage Toolbox in 2013 and co-founded ImpACT-Mental Health in 2019.

In 2020 I co-authored HATE MYSELF HATE MY LIFE: A Teenage Guide to Finding Self-Confidence and Inner Love.

I've lived in the UK, Israel, Singapore, Australia and now New Zealand. As a solo mum for 17 years, I raised FOUR teens at once - AND fostered - AND survived.    I know what it is to SURVIVE!



We are living in a Mental Health crisis.

YOUR teenager is struggling.

So too are the therapists, psychologists and counsellors who are overwhelmed.

I believe survivors empower survivors. Now more than ever we are in need of individuals with 'lived experience' to empower transformation in our Teenager's lives. Lived experience means walking the walk and therefore activating the transformation process. It means having the authority and power to transform the lives of others - the life of YOUR TEENAGER - because we have lived and breathed in our personal lives the strategies and tools that work!


My messy bits are found in losing my mother and best friend when I was young. IT HURT BAD!

They are found also in nursing my dad when he was dying (he was the coolest dad there was), in losing friends to suicide, in failing my marriage, in trying to carry on broken and penniless with four children under the age of five, in hating myself, in rebelling and for also wanting to opt-out.  Those are the bits that today make me raw, allow me to be vulnerable and hence also remind me to be real.


My strength and success today were birthed IN my struggle in life - not the absence of it! SO TOO WILL YOUR TEENAGER'S SUCCESS BE BIRTHED THROUGH THIS STRUGGLE!!

The messy bits reveal I have not only walked the walk but can talk the talk with my clients. They mean power and breakthrough can be attached to my work.

Your life - whether you are a Teenager or a parent - cannot be measured by your circumstances - BUT by HOW YOU RESPOND! Right now you have an opportunity to transform your life if you pick up the phone and just give me a call. I have worked in every extreme adversity that there is and what you bring to me is never beyond hope!. 


You can trust and let go. No more battling on alone. No more frustration! 




'A master in influence and leadership, Sue's energy is infectious and she has clearly gained a reputation for impacting Mental Health and transforming lives - she is a powerful force for change!' Sharon Walden (NZ)


'I believe teenagers are the most adaptive, creative and valuable asset that the world has. Yet they are also the most misunderstood, underrated and undervalued sector in society. Honour who they are, understand their needs, mentor them with wisdom: Do this within a framework of solid boundaries, and they will rapidly rise to become the most innovative and inspiring force that will change the world.'

Sue O'Callaghan.

TEENAGE TOOLBOX - Raising Confident, Happy and Resilient Teens!

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