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A Letter to a Teenager.........!

"You were born beautiful. You were born unique. You were born desired, cherished and loved. You were born as a gift to us all. When you entered the world you had a powerful calling on your life and a label that said you were created for a specific purpose.

To carry out your destiny you were gifted with unique strengths and talents that no one else had. No one else was created to go where you were meant to go, nor to do what you were meant to do. You are to be cherished, adored, honoured, edified, encouraged, protected and loved on your journey, as without you the Jigsaw Pieces of this world are incomplete.

Somewhere however on your journey the above stopped and your confidence got knocked: Someone belittled you, broke you, destroyed you and then you got lost through no fault of your own. No wonder!

The good news is those people, who maybe thought they were helping you, but weren't, are NOT in charge of your destiny and NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAID and NO MATTER WHAT THEY DID to you, your DESTINY is still calling you and your identity is STILL yours.

PICK THEM UP! Put the Crown of Authority on your head, Robe yourself in Righteousness and hold onto the Staff of Humility and Integrity, and MARCH FORWARD letting everyone see you have a plan and a purpose and are going to OVERTAKE where you would have been if they had not delayed you!

You are truly BEAUTIFUL!"




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