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Teenagers must be given the chance to Thrive!

Teenagers with the aid of a few simple life TOOLS can excel beyond their wildest dreams!

How do we allow them to excel?

TWO vital ingredients:

1. Good healthy boundaries in which they are held secure.

2. Empowering them through decision making and choice.

When living in various boarding houses as a Teacher and Resident Housemistress, over a period of 9 years, I experienced again and again Teenagers thriving when given enough freedom to find their own unique identity within a framework of good strong boundaries. Too few boundaries and they moved to one of two extremes: Insecurity or Rebellion!

Boundaries are actually only a fence around a parameter to protect what is inside. Remove the perimeter fence and one faces less protection from both the outside in, and inside out. Restore security around the Teenager and they have a safe platform to explore FREEDOM as they wish.

That freedom then becomes rooted in RESPECT for their parent or carer when they understand what choices they have. Choice in turn leads to EMPOWERMENT.

EMPOWER your teenager and you have a Happy Healthy Family!

Not that easy?

Book onto a session with me.............

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