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When it gets tough what TOOLS do we have?

Our Teenagers have so much thrown at them by the world: Conflicting messages, contrasting standards, varying boundaries and everywhere they look they are watching disturbing images, hearing negative comments and absorbing things that violate who they are.

No wonder they at times need to lash out!

The problem is parents often feel injustice because the very people who are looking

after them and trying to meet their needs are the very ones who are on the receiving end of the verbal or psychological attack.

How do we as parents remain steadfast in our parenting skills WITHOUT reacting to their rollercoaster of emotions? The TOOL? Do not take it personally!

Easy to say but harder to do....but our role is constantly to look at the platform from which WE are operating and make sure that no offence can land.

WE have to parent through LOVE. Love is the equivalent of a powerful source of energy that we can give to them each day when they feel empty and hopeless. LOVE delivered again and again in the midst of the insecurity and instability is a driving force that heals the low self esteem and the self hatred. LOVE is the only way!

Do something lovely for yourself today to 'fill yourself up'. When your 'tank' is full you have much to give away. Parenting is a constant self sacrifice, but if we are positioned correctly in our lives then we can hold, nurture and LOVE our teenagers through their rocky years.

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