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How do we keep or Teenager’s on track feeling safe in their environment and secure in who they are?

How do we separate them from who the world wants them to be and steer and guide them into the person they are meant to be?

How do we empower them in their authority rather them spoil them through entitlement?

How do we instil courage in them to battle through the tough times and emerge the other end stronger for what they have endured, rather than weaker from walking away?

Parenting teens nowadays is harder than ever. Devices have never dominated family life as much as today. Phrases like “tiger mom” and “helicopter parent” have made their way into everyday language. But does over-parenting hurt, or help? How much respect should we expect from our teens and how do we know what is the correct parenting style to use?

Over the next 10 days I will be revealing 10 KEY TOOLS to equip parents with a basic SOLID FOUNDATION from which to operate. This comes from twelve years experience living in boarding schools, where as a resident house mistress with over sixty children under my care, I could not ‘get away with’ what might work with a family of two children. With as many different personalities and varying requirements there had to be a set formula that would work for all, but one that would also meet the needs of the individual. Working in prisons saw me understand the importance of a confident authority in a leadership style, where there was no room for buttons to be pushed (or one simply wouldn’t have survived), engendering in me a far greater understanding of what inspires both trust and respect from others. Fostering children allowed me the humbling experience to learn to nurture the needs of those suffering trauma, whilst at the same time modelling a loving way to live, and now raising 4 teenagers of my own (two of each sex) I can vouch that raising one’s own children is indeed far harder than raising anybody else’s!

Stay with me for the next ten days as I share some key tools.

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