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An encouraging Word:

You are so beautiful!

You are beautiful through and through.

Every single part of you resonates with a frequency of light and love and hope: Your beauty knitted together to form the name that you have, the soul that you carry, the body you walk in and the spirit that guides your way.

That spirit knows TRUTH. It sits in a realm of revelation that speaks of better things, a higher way and a life less troubled.

Your spirit knows of perfection because that's who you are. It knows of purity, it knows of gentleness and it knows of great honour. In your deepest being, in your DNA and in the blood running through the veins in your body is a power that can never die. It is truth.

That power is your spirit whispering to some, speaking to others but calling to many - calling to realign with that truth. Calling for restoration for what's been robbed, what's been stolen and what's been destroyed. Calling to 'come out of', or 'wake up to' those things that have come against you.

For some those things are words that have been spoken over you that have devastated your life. For others it's the accusations of others; false accusations where supposed 'truths' are in fact lies but they've been masked convincingly so others have believed them too. The actions of others, their neglect and their mistreatment of you have caused unworthiness to settle in, they've invited low self esteem, loneliness, rejection and doubt. Added together then fear has taken a hold and now speak the 'what ifs?', the 'I can'ts' and the 'why mes?'

Your mind has settled for negative thoughts and you've become complacent with believing this is who you are, what you deserve or where you're life will now go. Even worse it speaks, "you've come out of this before but look you're right back there again".



As your mind, your will and your emotions continually reinforce those lies, your SPIRIT however is rising up to fight for another way. The result? Conflict and confusion settle in. Although you sense this is not who you really are, you're torn by trying to speak life over yourself, but feeling death. You want to feel good about yourself , but you actually feel bad. You want to live in joy, but live in hopelessness, despair and loss. Even though you know how lucky you are, those feelings have gnawed a hole in you and that hole has left scars.

In the bible it very clearly says that the enemy came to rob steal and destroy, yet it says also that "I came to give life in all it abundance".

Therefore what sits over your life is abundance. It's not 'mediocre', it's not 'mundane' and it's certainly not 'having to cope with'.

What does abundance look like? It's: affluence, ampleness, bounty, copiousness, fortune, opulence, plenitude, plethora, profusion, prosperity, prosperousness, riches, thriving and wealth!

I know it's all very well me saying that. But when you don't feel it, it's hard to comprehend. So how do we turn around from what we feel to what we should know?

How can we transform our lives into the promises that are ours and who we are?

It's a choice. We either engage with the lies ("why does that person think that about me?" "It's so unfair this has happened") and in doing so actually partner with them.


We turn our back on them. We walk away from Pharaoh. We walk out of Egypt and into our promised land. Marching on ahead AT ALL COST and NEVER LOOKING BACK.

When our child does well at school we praise them. We don't look back and say 'but a little while ago you couldn't read!' or 'you should remember how bad you were!'. Instead we CELEBRATE who they are today. We congratulate them on their progress and how well they've done. We are thrilled they're coming into their promised land. We certainly don't take them by the hand and lead them back!

The same technique we can use with ourselves. When the voice in our head reminds us what that person said to us, we SPEAK TO THAT VOICE: "I'm not looking back. I've entered my promised land. I love who I am and I'm going to inherit the abundance that's mine!"

However the minute we entertain that negative thought we go straight back to Egypt and we go and sit at Pharaoh's feet allowing him to have a field day with our feelings, our emotions and also the way we approach that day. We go back to captivity. We go back to bondage, when we've already been set free.

It's not easy but IT IS practise, practise, practise.

One day at a time, and each time it happens, keep speaking; life into death, hope into doubt, light into darkness, love into anger, forgiveness into pain and the promises of God into who you are. Then in a few months you really are free. You really are in your promised land and the words you've been speaking over your life of abundance, prosperity, favour and provision are manifest and at your feet!

Here's what you can speak:

"I AM so beautiful!

I AM beautiful through and through. Every single part of ME resonates with a frequency of light and love and hope: MY beauty knitted together to form the name that I have, the soul I carry, the body I walk in and the spirit that guides MY way".

Speak it to Pharoah when he pops up. Preach it to him until he gets sick of hearing your voice and I promise you he will soon walk away!

"And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, WILL (WILL!) GUARD YOUR HEARTS AND MINDS!" Phil: 4-7

Blessings Sue O'Callaghan

(Painting by Sue O'Callaghan)