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Are you feeling helpless or worried about your teenager’s behaviour or emotions?

Do you want tools to help them through this mental health maze?

Feeling disempowered and helpless - not knowing how to help your teenager - is a normal part of parenting. However watching them suffer or deteriorate emotionally and mentally can feel like torture to a parent.

We would do anything LITERALLY to rescue them out of depression, self-harm, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, self-hatred, destructive behaviour and overwhelm. As a parent you may be feeling not only helpless, but also a failure, guilt, worthlessness, overwhelm and fear. I am here to help! Having worked with teenagers since 1987 - lived in boarding houses with them, taught restorative justice in prisons, worked one-on-one with hundreds of parents and teens through Teenage Toolbox and raised 4 teens of my own (yes all at once!) I run successful sessions for parents giving them tools to empower change.

I work NOT AS A COUNSELLOR - but as a strategist to recreate new brain pathways that empower your teenager to feel safe, love themself, enjoy life, feel excited, happy and empowered.

In doing so they shift away from negative mindsets and unhealthy behaviour patterns and set their intention on their future: where they want to be, who they want to be and the feelings associated with that end goal.

Flick me a message or contact me via my website

I would so love your teenager to see the beauty of who they are and begin to live that out - radiating life and shining as they so deserve to do!

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