Welcome to Teenage Toolbox 

A gentle and Healing Psychotherapeutic approach to address: 

Childhood Trauma 
Behaviour Disorders
Feelings and Emotions
Anxiety and Depression
Resilience and Self-Esteem
Coping Mechanisms
Fear and Overwhelm
Eating Disorders and Self-Harm
Suicidal Ideation 


Teenage Toolbox began in 2013 following Sue O'Callaghan's work in prisons teaching Restorative Justice, where she witnessed first-hand the devastating consequence of unaddressed Trauma in young people's lives. Concerned that New Zealand had the highest rates of suicide worldwide, Sue began working with youth self-harm and addiction. It wasn't long before she saw the need for support - not only from Teenagers - but parents too, who were desperate to see their child assisted through a mental health crisis. Over the past eight years, Teenage Toolbox has helped over seven hundred and eighty individuals.

Teenage Toolbox recognises we are not only living in a rapidly changing and uncertain world but also facing one of the largest pandemics to threaten our modern world - a mental health one.

As rising numbers of Teenagers are dealing with fear, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, self-harm, insomnia, aggression and addiction, mental health services are overwhelmed. Many professionals also lack training in Trauma which impacts most lives in some way.


Teenage Toolbox was established to shift away from the ambulance at the cliff edge scenario to provide strategies and tools for change.

The aim is twofold:


1. To offer a resource for parents and teenagers to mentor them through a compassionate and life-changing Trauma-Informed therapy programme.

2. To provide early intervention and preventative education programmes for parents, schools and teacher training institutions through a Trauma-Informed Programme (TIP).


With a background in teaching, pastoral care and raising hundreds of teenagers in boarding schools, Sue combined her personal journey of recovery through Complex PTSD, as well as professional training in Trauma therapy, to establish Teenage Toolbox. A twice-published author, Sue is also a mum to 4 young adults.

Sessions are 60-minutes, held via Zoom, or in person (Auckland, New Zealand).


"Teenage Toolbox was the first service we came across where we felt seen, heard and understood as parents. We cannot imagine a child that wouldn't thrive through Sue. She has a remarkable gift with working with teens, relating to their world and inspiring them through change. We will be forever grateful for the tools she has given us all as a family". Anonymous (Auckland)

"No one is ever a problem. We are merely all struggling to work through our pain, insecurity, and fear.

When individuals are heard, held, and empowered with strategies that heal - then we create lasting transformational growth!"  Sue O'Callaghan

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