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Offering Trauma-informed therapy/support to:

- Listen and HEAR 
- Support Fee
- Regulate Emotions
- Manage Anxiety
- Address Self-Esteem
- Empower Healthy Survival
- Build Resilience
- Understand Addiction
- Adjust unhealthy Behaviour




If you are feeling helpless, disempowered or overwhelmed - you have probably hit the Teenage years - because your once loving and happy child is displaying behaviour you hoped you'd never see. Or maybe you have faced divorce, or loss and they - as well as you - need strategies to pull through.  


Anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, rebellion, anger, withdrawal, or addictive behaviour may be what you are having to confront.

In addition, you may face being triggered into arguments and conflict, and have no idea where to turn. 


Tragically, many of us find that the harder we try - the worse it seems to get. That is because our Teenagers don't need a quick fix - they need to be heard.  Safety is the platform from which that can happen. Trauma-informed therapy is about UNDERSTANDING what triggers our teens, HEARING what they need and EMPOWERING them with their own strategies to survive. In their search for independence, purpose and identity - we have the perfect opportunity to equip them for life!  


My work is experience-based. Essential to that - it is Trauma-informed: It gets to the root of the problem and pain.

It is far from talking the talk - but lived-experience of what actually works, drawn from working with teenagers for over 35 years and teaching in prisons.

A mum of 4 teens/twenties, I have also raised hundreds of teenagers in boarding schools - I get teens!

Established in 2013, Teenage Toolbox was set up to offer a unique tool and address the desperate gap in the mental health market - and apply simple tools to quickly change lives for Parents, Teenagers and Educators.

Sessions are 60-minutes - one-on-one - via Zoom or Messenger, or in-person in Auckland, New Zealand.

"Teenagers are never a problem. They are merely young adults struggling to work through their pain, insecurity and fear. When we empower them with strategies that heal - and reveal the magic of who they are - then we create lasting transformational growth!"

 Sue O'Callaghan


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Are you worried about your teenager's anxiety, social isolation, grief, addictive traits or self-esteem?


Do you feel you've tried everything but nothing seems to change your teenager's behaviour or anxiety?


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