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Transforming the lives of Teenagers, Parents and Adults 
A gentle psychotherapeutic approach to address: 
  • Fear and Overwhelm

  • Emotional Distress 

  • Behaviour Disorders

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Addiction & Substance Use

  • Suicidation

  • Coping Mechanisms

  • Disordered Eating and Self-Harm

  • Childhood Trauma

  • Resilience and Self-Esteem

Searching for mental health support for a teenager or a young adult can be a frightening place to be. 

Not only do we feel conflicted watching a child suffer, but getting the right help can be equally frustrating. Often what we witness in the system doesn't resonate with what we intuitively feel is right! 

As mental health services are stretched to the limit and with waitlists at capacity, parents are becoming increasingly discouraged by an ever-increasing focus on the pathologising of their child's behaviour, and the medicating of their symptoms.

They find little support is available that offers a more holistic response.

We've been there - we understand!

As a mum of four young adults, and with over 35 years of behaviour experience working in prisons, schools, and private practice, Sue O'Callaghan saw a desperate need to provide a more integrated and trauma-informed therapeutic service for both parents and teenagers.

Founding Teenage Toolbox in 2013, Sue believes our young people are having to navigate basic survival through excessive stress and trauma, while also having to adapt to a rapidly changing, uncertain, and disconnected world. As a consequence, their nervous symptoms have become progressively dysregulated and parents are witnessing increased fear, anxiety, depression, attention deficit, dissociation, disordered eating, self-harm, insomnia, dysregulated emotions, and addiction.


Teenage Toolbox is unique in that we see these behaviours not as the problem, but as an adaptive survival response. 


Our aim is not to address your child's disordered thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in isolation, but to discover the root of them through a trauma-informed lens. Instead of asking, What’s wrong with your child? we gently inquire; What’s happened to your child?


Once we understand what biopsychosocial influences are dysregulating your child's nervous system, we are able to not only provide strategies for them to learn self-regulating techniques, but also introduce client-centered somatic therapies that promote long-term sustainable mental health and healing.

Over the past ten years, Teenage Toolbox has helped thousands of teenagers through a personal struggle with mental health. We have also delivered strategies and tools for parents battling through a minefield of confusion, overwhelm, and conflict, and trained teachers in schools to become trauma-informed.

As a result, we have both the depth of experience and measured results to be able to offer New Zealanders (and families worldwide) a unique facility that you won’t find elsewhere.

Teenage Toolbox Offers

depressed teenager


Therapy Sessions

    Compassionate and holistic 55-minute sessions, one-on-one, in person (or via Zoom for international clients).


Talks and Worshops

    Early intervention and preventative trauma-informed talks for parents, teacher training, schools, universities, and organisations.

Anonymous, Auckland

"Teenage Toolbox was the first place we came to where we saw an immediate change in our child. In contrast to the psychologist, counsellors, and support services, Sue took the focus off our son's behaviour and gave us useable tools that worked! We cannot imagine a child that wouldn't thrive with Sue. She has remarkable skills working with teens, relating to their world, and connecting with their unmet needs. We will be forever grateful for the transformation that took place in our family and the level of compassion shown".

"No one is ever a problem. We are all merely struggling to work through our pain, insecurity, and fear.
When individuals are heard, held, and empowered with strategies that heal - then we create lasting transformational growth!"  
Sue O'Callaghan

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