Welcome to Teenage Toolbox! 

A gentle Psychotherapeutic approach to address: 

Childhood Trauma 
Behaviour Disorders
Feelings and Emotions
Anxiety and Depression
Resilience and Self-Esteem
Coping Mechanisms
Fear and Overwhelm
Eating Disorders and Self-Harm
Suicidal Ideation

Teenage Toolbox was established in 2013 following Sue O'Callaghan's work in prisons, where she witnessed first-hand the devastating consequence of unaddressed trauma in young people's lives.


Concerned that New Zealand had among the highest rates of suicide worldwide, Sue began working with youth self-harm and addiction. It wasn't long before she saw the need for support - not only for teenagers and young twenties - but also parents and teachers who were desperate to see their children and students assisted through a mental health crisis. Over the past eight years, Teenage Toolbox has helped over eight hundred and thirty individuals.

Teenage Toolbox recognises we are not only living in a rapidly changing and uncertain world but also facing one of the largest pandemics to threaten our modern world - a mental health one.

As rising numbers of our youth are dealing with fear, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, self-harm, insomnia, aggression and addiction, mental health services are overwhelmed. 


Teenage Toolbox is unique in that it offers an integrative approach to mental health, shifting away from a model of pathologising behaviour and medicating symptoms.   

Its aim is twofold:


1. To offer a compassionate and holistic resource for parents and young adults (10 - 25) to mentor them through life-changing trauma-informed therapy and release them from harmful behaviour and addiction.

2. To provide early intervention and preventative trauma-informed education programmes for parents, schools and teacher training institutions to affect the long-term mental health outcome through influencing policy and procedure.

One-on-one sessions are 60-minutes, held via Zoom, or in person (Auckland, New Zealand).


For sessions, or school/university/public event bookings, please                       





"Teenage Toolbox was the first service we came across where we felt seen, heard and understood as parents. We cannot imagine a child that wouldn't thrive with Sue. She has a remarkable gift working with teens, relating to their world and inspiring change. We will be forever grateful for the tools she has given us all as a family and the level of compassion shown".

Anonymous (Auckland)

"No one is ever a problem. We are merely all struggling to work through our pain, insecurity, and fear.

When individuals are heard, held, and empowered with strategies that heal - then we create lasting transformational growth!"  

Sue O'Callaghan

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