Struggling with the

Teen Years?

Let's face it they are not easy!

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Feeling helpless, disempowered and overwhelmed is a normal part of parenting teenagers!

Suddenly, overnight your beautiful child who once sat on your knee to be comforted is displaying behaviour that you never thought you'd see.  Anger, addictive behaviour, depression, resentment, rebellion, an eating disorder, self-harm, and crime are a few examples of what you might be having to deal with. In addition, you may feel you are treading on eggshells and having to tip-toe around - merely to prevent another row.


As I've said to the hundreds of parents and Teenagers I've had the privilege to work with over the last 35 years:

'Parents have never parented a teen before, and a child has never been a teen before - so this period of transition is often the most challenging time of your life!'  


The behaviour you are witnessing in your Teenager is merely a display of their PAIN, INSECURITY and FEAR. 

When we address the problem, heal their hurt and empower them in the amazingness of who they are - instead of focusing on the negative manifesting symptoms - then your Teenager's behaviour will change - and so will their life AND yours!

Established in 2013, Teenage Toolbox aims to change lives for BOTH Parents and Teenagers (and those in their twenties).  Sessions are 60-minute - one-on-one - via Zoom or FB Messenger video. Alternatively, if you are local in Auckland New Zealand, we meet in person.

Having raised hundreds of teenagers in boarding schools, taught Restorative Justice in prisons, and raised four teenagers of my own, I believe transformational power to create lasting change in teenage lives, sits not on knowledge and information, but on lived-experience of what works!

"Teenagers are never a problem. They are merely young adults struggling to work through their pain, insecurity and fear. When we empower them with strategies to heal - and reveal the magic of who they are - then we create lasting transformational growth!"

 Sue O'Callaghan


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Do you sometimes feel you have failed as a parent?

Do you long to know how to turn your Teenager's life around?

Are you tearing your hair out because nothing you do seems to work?

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Sue O'Callaghan is author of TAKEN,

and co-author of HATE MYSELF HATE MY LIFE: A Teenage Guide to Finding Self-Confidence and Inner Love.