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Training and Workshops

training and workshops
training and workshops
Training and Workshops
Talking the talk is one thing, but no one has ever come to me, without asking for actual tools that create changed lives!   

Whether it be teenagers who are affected by anxiety or self-harm; adults who want to work through their own triggers at home; teachers who require strategies to use in class; or organisations that are interested in stress management, or mental health and well-being, all of us need to feel empowered in what we can do to achieve post-pandemic, measured mental health results!

Teenage Toolbox offers the following Talks, Training, and Workshops ​

depressed teenager



Primary and High School Teacher-only-day Training and Workshops - including Trauma-Informed programmes 



Keynotes for Parents



Organisation HR & Management Team training. Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops

Topics are tailor-made around Mental Health and include (but are not limited to):

  • Through the Eyes of the Autonomic Nervous System: Stress Management and Reduction

  • Through a Polyvagal Lens: Regulating Feelings and Emotions 

  • Post-Pandemic: Managing Anxiety, Stress and Trauma

  • The Highly Sensitive Child

  • 3 Kids in My Class: A Primary School Perspective

  • 3 Steps to Creating Wellbeing in the Workplace 

3 kids in my class

Sample Primary Teacher Training 2023

For details, a brochure, or a 2023 booking please email Sue.

Parent Keynotes

If your school would be interested in hosting a Trauma-informed Keynote, for a fundraising event. Please contact Sue 

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Sue O'Callaghan

“Have customers review you and share what they had to say.
I believe teenagers are the most adaptive, creative and valuable asset the world has. Yet they are also the most misunderstood, underrated and undervalued sector in society. Honor who they are, understand their needs, and mentor them with wisdom: Do this within a framework of solid boundaries, and they will rapidly rise to become the most innovative and inspiring force that will change the world.
"No one is ever a problem. We are all merely struggling to work through our pain, insecurity, and fear.
When individuals are heard, held, and empowered with strategies that heal - then we create lasting transformational growth!"  
Sue O'Callaghan

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