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Trauma and Anxiety: One Hour of Invaluable Tools for Parents

  • Your child/young adult feels anxious, struggles with new challenges and feels overwhelmed.

  • Maybe they or their friends have been diagnosed with ADHD or another behaviour disorder.

  • You want your child to learn resilience but also feel the need to support their feelings and emotions.

Parenting today is challenging for most of us. It is confusing, stressful and conflicting. 

While resilience will set your child up for life, pushing a traumatised child can trigger a panic response and do more harm than good.

In this unique webinar, you will be equipped to learn the signs of trauma and anxiety, recognise what certain behaviours mean, and understand why dissociation can help an ADHD child. Full of original and extensive content, you will be taught numerous useable strategies to help your child through life, including learning from what animals do in the wild, implementing the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and using sound to bring them to a place of calm. 

An expert in Parenting AND Trauma, Sue O'Callaghan draws on 35 years of experience in schools, prisons and private practice to deliver useable tools and strategies to change you and your child's life. Understanding knowledge doesn't help unless you are given solutions and workable techniques to implement immediately at home!

This webinar is highly informative and worth every hour of your time!


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