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Adult Therapy

As Buddha once said, "All of life is suffering!"

That's hard to hear, but it does empower us that we are not alone!

YOU are not alone! 


If you struggle with parenting challenges, relationship conflict, addictive traits, overwhelm, anxiety, withdrawal, anger, emotional pain, hopelessness or the classic modern-day burnout, you have come to the right place!

Integrative trauma therapy is a beautiful opportunity to compassionately and gently begin to unravel circumstances, situations and events in your life that caused you to adapt to survival behaviour to keep you safe and therefore lose a part of your true authentic self.


Tragically today, many of us live in high stress, and a fight, flight or freeze response. Unconscious hypervigilance and low-lying anxiety then cause dysregulation of our nervous system and the need for external sources to numb or soothe our pain.  Consumerism, overwork, over-exercise, avoidance, social media, or addictive habits all supply a quick fix of serotonin, dopamine or adrenaline, but long term, cause us depression, inflammatory disease, auto-immune problems and sickness.

In addition, many unconscious behaviours we developed to survive fear, pain, rejection, adversity or tragedy in earlier life also become the obstacles today that impact our sense of happiness, calm and freedom, because they interfere with relationships, work, family, communication, and getting our needs met.

That's where it helps to learn how to connect with your Autonomic Nervous System and your physiological stress response. By recognising what triggers you, we can start to build an understanding of your relationship attachment style, your go-to stress response and integrate the hurting parts of your life into a healthy adult self.

With years of experience working with adults and teens - Sue's integrative therapy programme is well known for not just talking the talk but activating change and creating lasting empowered growth. Renowned for her compassion, she is transformational in her work in family dynamics, conflict, trauma survival, addiction, business leadership, and training.


Sessions are 55-minutes and are offered weekly.

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